We did it.

The First Circular shoe.

VETRN infinity

The industry said it was impossible.

We did it anyway.

Circular footwear. “Other brands waste”. 
Worn before, thrown away and recycled into new. The feeling of new, over and over again. VETRN’s is ready for a new mission. What’s yours?



We want the big dumping to stop and found a way to bring shoes back to life. With these VETRN’s you are the first who accelerate into the circular economy.     This start has no finish..

VETRN infinity.

✓ Durable
✓ Reliable
✓ Experienced
✓ Hardened. Sly.
✓ Accomplished

Vetrn got circulair by using other brands waste.
Mission accomplished. We did it because we had to.


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