About us

This is our mission, what’s yours?

We are perseverers, no bridge too far, no mountain too high …
Passionated, motivated and crazy enough to go futher where most of us stop or give up.
We stand out and we simply have to because time is running out.

Join us, be proud and stand for something.


At VETRN we do things, are thinkers, go-geters but most of it all; we make things happen. “Actions speak louder than words” that’s why we started doing things ourselves. We have different specialties but the same goal: a cleaner world.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”

David - VETRN

Danny Pormes

Erna - VETRN

Erna Redecker

David - VETRN

David Uijttewaal


Our promise

VETRN gives worn out materials a new mission. We collect and renew. We close the loop.

Our goal

Challenging the whole perception of waste.

Our wish

Support our journey by wearing VETRN. Save water, reduce Co2 and reuse other brands waste by wearing our circular shoes.

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