Vetrn – Infinity Shoe

In cooperation with FastFeetGrinded we made the first VETRN Infinity. The infinity is made of “other brands waste”. The Infinity reduce the made of new raw materials and reduces a large mountain of wasted shoes. The Infinity is future proof, recyclable and reusable into new shoes; over and over again. The infinity has a 100% recycled upper with 15% textile of old runningshoes/sneakers. It features an higly comfortable recycled inlay and the stable midsole is also made of 20% old foam of runningshoes/sneakers.


We recommend taking one size down from your regular EU size.




VETRN gives worn out materials a new mission. We collect and renew. We close the loop.

Challenging the whole perception of waste.

Our wish Support our journey by wearing VETRN. Save water, reduce Co2 and reuse other brands waste by wearing our circular shoes.


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