VETRN – T-shirt (black) Woman’s

• Treat stains with gel, Marseille soap or baking soda before wash.
• For odour removal, we recommend soaking in spirit vinegar before wash.
• Wash with similar colours.
• Turn garment inside out, place in a microfibre washing bag.
• Machine wash at 40° C on normal cycle. Maximum spin cycle is allowed.
• Use an ecological and fragrance-free detergent. Vinegar is an excellent ecological fabric softener.
• Dry on a finger-wide hanger rather than in the dryer. It saves energy. Steaming preferred. If ironing, use only medium heat.
2700 Liters Water Saved by One T-shirt 0 harmful chemicals used 100% recycled raw materials Responsible Made in India




VETRN gives worn out materials a new mission. We collect and renew. We close the loop.

Challenging the whole perception of waste.

Our wish Support our journey by wearing VETRN. Save water, reduce Co2 and reuse other brands waste by wearing our circular shoes.


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