Safety shoes (coming soon!)

Safety shoes by VETRN

Because we are running out of time; It’s our responsibility to take the lead.


Hundreds of millions of shoes are produced each year. And all of them are thrown out someday.

VETRN gives wornout pairs a new mission. We collect and renew. We closed the loop.

Using “Waste from other brands” we made it happen to build VETRN shoes. Our promise is to reduce Co2 and reduce waste by reusing materials from old shoes that would otherwise go into landfill. Being the first we are challenging the whole shoes industry to follow.


Our promise

VETRN gives worn out materials a new mission. We collect and renew. We close the loop.

Our goal

Challenging the whole perception of waste.

Our wish

Support our journey by wearing VETRN. Save water, reduce Co2 and reuse other brands waste by wearing our circular shoes.

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